Monday, June 20, 2016

GM Day Plan - Prepare yourself

Just alike blank page scares a writer, any project can be daunting at the beginning. There are always unknowns that are never and frankly, can't be accounted for during the preparation stages. However, there are always ways to mitigate and prepare for any eventualities that keep one from achieving their goals. 

Just like any project, the GM diet plan seems like a "get rich quick" scheme that promises these great results with very little effort on your part. The claim may be true to an extent but nevertheless, just like any other project, one must be prepared for eventualities so that the required is put in to achieve the required goals. In that spirit, see listed below, potential issues that one may want to plan for:
  1. Not enough supplies: First and foremost, the GM diet is an "all you can eat" kind of diet. Especially on Day1, Day 2 & Day 3 the dieters are instructed to eat as many fruits & vegetables with the exception of the tomatoes & bananas. As a result, one needs to anticipate the quantity of food that may be required on each in order to avoid excuses for falling off the wagon. It is recommended to always have bite-size snacks, like grapes, in reach for these particular days.
  2. Side Effects: To be clear, the GM diet is first and foremost about the healthy loving by aiding overall detoxification of the body aiding in weight loss. Considering the history of anyone who attempts this diet, the side effects would vary. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the kind of effects in order to prepare accordingly. The most commonly reported side effects are:
    1. Headaches
    2. Dizziness
  3. Measure the quantity intakes: On Day 4 & Day 5 of the GM Diet list very specific intakes of the prescribed food items. It is easy to go overboard while consuming. It is important to space out the meals during the day in order to ensure there no unwanted phases of hunger at any time during the day.
  4. Water intake:  At any time during the duration of this diet, especially during Day 5, Day 6 & Day 7 since the food quantities are measured on these days with increased intake of protein. One should be targeting to consume at least 750 ml of water during the day in order to avoid feeling dizzy or light-headed and basically to eliminate the excess of urea development on the above mentioned days.
The above steps should be part of your plan before starting off with the GM Diet plan. 

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